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Yoga and Meditation in Rajasthan

The people of Rajasthan have long been looking to prevent as well as cure diseases that afflict mankind so as to increase longevity. The palaces and kings of long ago practiced forms of healing that were traditional to the land. In addition they also followed practices that were brought in by people belonging to other lands such as West Asia. Many healing practices were thus taught and also followed through workshops set up for the purpose.

Thus Rajasthan is home to many vaids (healers) and hakims. Yoga also received considerable importance during the period when the rulersheld sway. The royal families entertained experts in these fields to train local people so that they could derive the benefits of the practices. Thus there were established many schools in Rajasthan that offered cure for ailments.

Most of these schools have their own regimen that can be tailored according to the seekers’ needs. This relates to the type of the cure and the duration of the cure regimen.

Ayurveda: This is traditional form of medicine and directly translates to ‘Science of Life’. This system of curing is native to India. Ayurveda practitioners believe in the goodness of plants, minerals and herbs to treat physical ailments. They also use a minimal amount of animal products to balance the fluids in an individual’s body so that the well-being is maintained. In Ayurveda, life is believed to be connected to the senses and the soul. It is believed that one cannot be separated from the other.

Homeopathy: This is another system of alternative medicine that grown in popularity in the recent times. This system of medicine also believes in the curative powers of natural products.

Massage: Massage has an ancient tradition in India. The practice started as a means to provide relaxation of the sinews and the nerves in an individual. It still continues to this day. Tired muscles pick up when blood circulation improves on massaging the affected area. This practice has gained a lot of refinement and there are a number of forms of massage that exist today.

Nature Cure: Nature cure attempts to restore a person’s health by feeding them with natural products that are best for the digestive system. A healthy digestive system is the key to a person’s good health, it is believed.

Yoga: Yoga is the exercise for both the body and the mind. It is more of a spiritual experience than just a form of exercise. It is native to India but now gaining popularity all over the world.

Health Care Institutions in Rajasthan
Jaipur, one of the biggest cities in Jaipur has a number of fitness and health centres that can be reckoned with. Some of them are listed below.

Government Yogic Treatment and Research Centre
This centre is perhaps the only one centre which has government support for its yoga treatment.

National Institute of Ayurveda
This institution started as a college teaching Ayurveda in the year 1964. It was started by some rulers of the land then.

Vipassana Dhammathli Meditation Centre
With another branch of this institution functioning in Maharashtra, this is an institution that teaches Vipassana meditation form to its students. This was the type of meditation that was practiced by Gautama Buddha more than 2500 years ago.

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