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Stories of Successful Travel Agents in the world

Sam Walton was once known to have quipped that the goal of the company was not just to provide the best service but to provide legendary service. This has been observed many a time in the tourism where agents have performed beyond what is normal to provide the legendary service which is a hallmark of excellence. Commonly, the tourism service provider go out of their way to help passengers that have lost their passports or others that have sudden family emergencies.

Story 1
Bhati Tours, One of the most experienced and trustworthy tourism service provider. Late Mr. T.S Bhati was the founder of Bhati Tours, who established it in 1965. After that his son Mr. Ranjeet Singh Bhati joined him in 1989. When he started, he was the only taxi services provider in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He had got the number of awards in all through his career from tourism service provider industry by the government and also honoured by the High Commission of British for his commitment and outstanding services.
At present, Mr. Ranjeet Singh Bhati is the founder and operator of the Company. He is continuing his father’s business and established itself as the most popular tourism service provider in Rajasthan.
As being the best Rajasthan Tour Packages provider in the country, he had worked with various prestigious institutions and hotels in that area and also offering the surprising experiences to his customers. He is proudly offering amazing services with safe conveyance and English speaking guides, which will help you to explore the complete history of Rajasthan and other Northern regions.

Story 2
There was this one instance when Al Richman went all out to help passengers that were still out at sea. In the year 2003, he was living in Ft. Lauderdale when he received information of a change in flight timings of his passengers that were sailing from Miami. They would have missed the flight as they would have still been sailing. He succeeded in changing their flight to another one which also meant they would have to spend an extra seven hours at the airport. He was then a vacation company franchise owner at Florida.
All this happened when there were no cell phones and when it was a tad difficult to connect using the regular phone. By the time he met his clients, they were already aware of the change in their schedule. It did not end there. Instead of making them wait at the airport, he catered them and the luggage to a restaurant and even took them on a local Miami journey to keep them from getting bored.
Did this effort pay off for Richman? It did. The passengers have since booked every vacation them and even given them new customers by way of referrals. New friendships have blossomed and residual income has increased by thousands of dollars in the last decade, Richman said.

Story 3
Sara Perkins, a tourism service provider, had this travelling couple who had come to her with an Alaskan cruise plan. It was a bucket list vacation and the wife confided that the husband loved wildlife and nature photography and was looking forward to the trip. Well, now it all seemed difficult as the husband suffered from a stroke and communication was particularly difficult. At home he used a pen and a paper to communicate. He was on speech therapy and was frequently frustrated at his inability to communicate.
Once the trip was planned for and the tickets were booked, there were still a few months left before the trip. During this time Perkins purchased a Boogie Board along with a case that the husband could carry on the trip and mailed it to the couple. The Boogie Board was erasable and one could write the messages all over again. The husband and wife were excited at Perkins’ gift to them and the husband even took it to his therapy classes. The board was handy and made it easy for the husband to write out whatever he wanted.
Did this gesture pay off? It surely did. The couples came back more than happy and now are planning a trip to Hawaii with Sara.

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