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Walking tours in Jaipur to explore the vivacious city!

Enjoy walking tours in Jaipur discovering the secrets of bustling and colorful streets of this beautiful city. The streets are waiting to provide you with a wonderful and memorable experience. Be a part of the perfect mix of sounds, colors, tastes, smells and the extraordinary images with the leading travel agency, Bhati Tour. We are here to make your walking trips in the Pink City which is so exciting that the trip will fill your senses. Before planning for exploring the city you must know about the Top 10 beautiful places to visit in the city.

Go through the vivacious lanes of and explore the historic treasures of Pink city that will convert your trip in an unforgettable experience. The city walking trip is the best option to explore the abundance of pink city and will be full of astonishing surprises and sites from the customary markets to remarkable monuments to the spiced street food. While the charming picture of contemporary is well-displayed by the pink city it also expresses bulks regarding culture, history and tradition and undoes its old appeal. With the knowledgeable representatives in our team, the experience of enjoying walking will be truly mesmerizing and unique covering the endless brilliance of the city from heritage walks trips of colorful markets to the flavorsome food walks.

This journey will provide you with insight of city’s different aspects and the personal experience of all this will leave lasting impact on your memory. This is the chance where you can explore the city like never before gaining enhanced vision of city’s diverse aspects. Witness the real essence with itineraries crafted in a unique and reliable manner where you can listen, sense, touch, see, taste and walk.

When it comes to Mughal artistry and architecture, no introduction is required by Pink city and it is a world famous tourist destination on account of its vivacious culture, opulent history and flamboyant artifacts. This walking trail will provide you with the chance to see the attractions of pink city that are lesser known and explore the narrow lanes that would not be possible otherwise. With the experienced and skilled representatives and guides in the team of Bhati tours, you can enjoy walking trips by experiencing the traditions, city’s authentic culture and unseen places of this wonderful city.

Number of famous tourist attractions is covered in walking trips such as Johri Bazaar, Choti Chaupar, modikhana, artistry of the city that is one of the most prized possessions and colors and dimensions of this city. You can witness noteworthy entry gates and rich architecture while walking through the main road and can feel the essence embodied in these architectures. You will arrive at the contracted gullies of the city while proceeding on the itinerary you can discover the exclusive market converted from stables to its existing stage.

Thus the journey provide the best option to explore the riches of this vibrant city in the most convenient, unique and memorable manner and our dedicated team of representatives will make the journey even more exciting and remarkable for you so that you can treasure its memories for long.

Explore Pink City with car rental services Within Your Budget!
India is very large yet exceptionally beautiful country. It has thousands of places that will surly attract you and carve your senses to visit again. Lakhs of people came and explore the country every year to witness the beauty of this gorgeous country. They travel while being attracted by all sorts of attractions like beautiful beaches, glorious deserts, peaceful hill stations , glamorous wildlife , thrilling trekking spots and majestic forts . They are spread across all the major cities like Delhi, Chennai , Bangalore, Kolkata, Agra, Jaipur , Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and many other countless cites. To explore this beautiful country with hassle free experience, you can rely on the cab hire with English speaking chauffeurs by leading travel agency, we are serving as the leader in the field since years.

We provide Cab services with English speaking drivers which is the basic need for a traveler or tourist these days which other cab hire services fails to render. We offer travel services in reasonable rates and also provide exceptional experience while travelling through any part of this country. Our main objective is to provide best experience with complete guide so that travelers gets assistance in every sort of way possible .Our guide will assist you to all sorts of specialties of places you visit , will arrange a meeting with the hidden beauties and will load excitement and enthusiasm in the journey. We also offers affordable travel package bundles that will cover maximum number of places with minimum budget possible. Our packs will be profitable for travelers and fit all sort of budgets. We also have car rental service that covers the entire country and our services comes at the top of all the other services providers.

There are various loan options accessible for travelers and tourists today, that have enabled vacationers from all aspects of life and income levels them to auto expo redeem their reverie car. For most people who plans to have a new or second hand cab, the choices are endless because of the accessibility of cab hire. However if you are somber about financing a brand new cars, and you require to understand your options, then you might try using one of the many other companies. Whether you desire to see the monuments of New Delhi or Taj Mahal of Agra, beaches of Goa or beauty of Kerala, forts of Rajasthan or try desert safari all can be easily done by cab hire services.

We also provide Taxi rental service with professional chauffeur or Luxury cab hire for effortless experience.While driving throughout the country, you can enjoy stunning sightseeing of this beautiful land. Traveling by cabs will not make you miss a single attraction. The most travel’ destinations are famed for their primeval and wonderful scene. There are many temples, forts caves and some other famous for their beauty scene that you explore with Car Rental services at affordable rate. You can rely on the cab rental services by us and enjoy the pink city walking tours.

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