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The History of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has a very rich history. In ancient times it was the land of royals, many famous battles fought here, heritage palaces were built and royalty of Rajasthani kings is popular all over the world.

Rajasthan is segmented into various regions based on topological features. Hilly area comes in southern part of the state and other part was of desert area which is north-west part of the Rajasthan .Boundary of the state extends to the Pakistan border. There are many cities in Rajasthan which are distinct from each other. They offer various attractions to the tourists like large fort and palaces, history of many legends and natural beauty like in Udaipur, Pushkar is famous for Brahma Temple and lake where tourists came across the world and Jaisalmer is famous for Desert Safari which is basically camel riding in Thar Desert. Rajasthan is hottest attraction in India for tourists. One who comes to Rajasthan cherishes their memories lifelong. History of Rajasthan was of thousands years ago. You will find some footprints of Indus Valley Civilizations in northern part of the state. The people who started to be natives of Rajasthan were Bhil and Mina.

Aryans invaded Rajasthan in 1400 BC and settled down here permanently. They settled local natives to the south and east part of the country. After Aryans many others like Mughals, Turks, Persians invaded the region and fought various wars which took blood of many lives. Some settled here with peace and mixed with local natives. Later, Rajputs got the power from their ancestors.

At the time when Delhi Sultanate formed around 7 AD, Rajasthan divided in various kingdoms that all were competing with each other. At this time Rajputs started linking themselves to the Brahmins using their power through sun, moon and fire gods.

As the time passes Rajputs get divided into thirty six royal families. Rajasthan continued to be like this under the monarch of Rajputs who gave colors to the state. They fought with each other and there was no outsider enemy. Nearly in 14th century they lost their influence from the state.

Then Mughals invaded India and conquer the state through cleverness of Akbar, The Emperor of Mughal. He invaded various kingdoms of Rajasthan and wherever he won married the Rajputs royal princess thus turning enemies into loyal friends and relatives. It gives a feeling of pride that somehow various divided people come under the order of Mughals , through cleverness of Mughals either due to war or through matrimonial. Many Rajput princes get power to control high positions after Akbar got married to Jodha Bai the princess of Rajput dynasty and daughter of Maharaja of Amber. Hence real power was in hands of Rajputs only. They actually lost it when Britishers made India as their colony. At this time only Mughals power also weakened and lost their dominancy over the country. Hence Rajputs also started behaving in the same way as Mughals and Marathas. After that day to till now Rajput lost their royal titles and started living like a common man in their palaces.

History of Rajasthan
Rajasthan is considered to be motherland of Rajputs who are fighters from blood. They ruled over Rajasthan for long time nearly about thousand years according to ancient history and code of religious knights. Many alliances Rajputs did with other dynasties which are temporary and marriages with others. Still independence was on top priority which gives pride feeling. Rajputs always indulged in fighting with each other and never united against enemies. This was benefit for others who got easy control over state like Mughals. Still Rajputs bravery is incomparable.

Rajputs fighters always fought in every circumstances and if nothing seems to be happen ,then their religious demanded jauhar to taken. Jauhar is basically mass suicide. In this inhuman practice many females and their children burn and kills themselves on someone funeral which is a type of suicide where as males who used to wear saffron donned type of clothes ,robed it out and goes to confront their foes and died. Many of Rajputs soldiers around ten thousand died in many battles in the same way.

In the history of Chittorgarh, three times The Rajput females died by sitting on someone funeral and males went to the death. Same incidents took place in front of many other palaces and forts of Rajasthan. It is really fortunate that being so strong and brave Rajputs, Mughals gave control of his army to Rajputs.

As the Mughals become weak and started declining, Rajputs again fought for their freedom and continuously won in many wars till British made whole India has its colony. As the area of Rajasthan increased, many Rajput princely states merged with Britishers and made alliance with them. Through these alliances they still act as free states with limited powers. They don’t have rights regarding political and economic issues.

Rajput rule started ending after merging with Britishers. Many of the Rajput king started spending their time in exploring world in the beginning of twentieth century. They used to live royal and luxurious life. They started playing popular game of Europe Polo, racing among horses, buying expensive properties in USA and Europe. This led to wastage of money in which Britishers have no problem as it was helping them but financial and social state of Rajputs deteriorated.

At the time of Independence, Rajasthan out of the whole nation has very less literacy rate and age of people. Congress at that time offer very good rule to the Rajputs kingdoms that they can become part of India by making a deal. In this deal they got permission for keeping valuable assets, properties, title of Maharaja .Government paid them stipend annually according to their positions. But this rule was not remained longer. As Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister she rejected this rule due to which royals lost their stipends and Maharaja Title both.

Many rulers started doing something else for earning like some converted their forts and palaces into 5 star hotels. Some are still running and some does not met demands of time and fail to survive and suffer financial losses.

So come and explore rich culture of Rajasthan with its royal heritage, marvellous architecture of forts and palaces.

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