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Bhati Tours express condolences on suicide of Chef Anthony Bourdain…RIP Anthony!

The famous journalist, chef and storyteller, Anthony Bourdain committed suicide on June 8, Friday. Eric Ripert, the celebrity chef and friend of Anthony found him dead and the news shocked the world. As per the reports, he hanged himself in a 5 star hotel at Le Chambard. The restaurant industry is also in shock after this suicide.

He was of 61 years and the sudden tragic death has evolved several questions. Condolences have been expressed by the world on the tragic death of a man who was full of life. As per the investigating officials, on Friday, at 9:10 a.m., Bourdain was found hanging in the bathroom of his hotel. Condolences have been expressed by President Trump as well as former President Obama to late his family. As per the news, Bourdain was in Strasbourg, France since he was filming Parts Unknown, the CNN series of the chef.

The investigation’s in charge, Christian de Rocquigny has said that the case is now closed. He said that the body will be given to the family as third person involvement is not indicated in the case. As per one of the waiter of the restaurant, Maxime Voinson, Bourdain used to have dinner with Eric Ripert, his friend every night but he skipped it on Thursday.

On next morning as well, he was not there at the breakfast. Mr. Eric was waiting for his friend.
The behavior of Anthony was not changed as per the reports and his suicide was leading the investigation towards impulsive act.

The death of Mr.Bourdain is really shocking and sad. His fans and followers are expressing their tribute to the celebrity chef on social media. The test results might arrive in some days but that might not bring any change in the investigation outcome. The only motive behind these tests is that the family could be provided with some information regarding cause and motivation of death.

We express condolences and pay tribute to the blessed cook and storyteller. RIP Anthony, the world will miss you. This death is a huge loss and the whole world is in shock along with the fans and family members. We express condolences to this tragic demise and pray that the family get strength to bear this loss.

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