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Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan

When the name of Rajasthan comes first thing which strikes in mind is art and craft of the state which is very different from other states of the country. It may be because of lifestyle of people during war time. It helped them in being more artistic with good creative taste and always motivated them to try something different which is stored as treasure for future generation. All sort of material is used for art and craft. It may be clay, Brass, Silver, wood, leather, Ivory, gold or textiles. People have crafted these metals very beautiful.

Art was in the blood of natives of Rajasthan from very early period and running from long period of time. Even there were many art schools present in tenth century as many sculptures found there. Many types of artistic creativity work like paintings on cave, sculptures drawn on stones ,terracotta work was explored in these regions.

Each generation of history has given some contribution to the art and craft of Rajasthan. In ancient times history says that the royal families especially rulers always appreciate artists and encourage their work of art and craft especially carvings on marbles and wooden work. They like paintings of walls and pottery work. It was felt like natives of Rajasthan got so much talent in their genes. They love to decorate everything nearby them with hard work. Decoration can be done by drawing image of anything on walls whether drawing of an elephant or donkey.

They color it so beautiful that these drawing look very magnificent. You can find such artistic works on various walls of the forts and palaces and huts of Rajasthan which always drew attention of tourists. Even inhabitants of Rajasthan loved to look beautiful by wearing colorful clothes and jewelry. Men and women both equally dressed up very beautiful. Even when warriors used to go for wars they beautified themselves. They used to carry swords which are crafted very well. The animals like elephant and horses which used to take the fighters in the battle also decorated with same jewelry. Saddles were decorated very nicely. Men love to adore themselves by wearing silver ornaments.

There were lot of variety available for women in fabrics of tie and dye, garments made up of beautiful and fine embroidery, ornaments made up of rare stones, antique jewelry and jootis as footwear. They put their hard efforts in decorating their huts which are made up of mud. On walls of the hut they used to paint simple designs to the paintings of flora and fauna. They keep surroundings very clean and always decorate them. The way huts are made is really work of praise.

Things seem to change when Rajputs got control of Rajasthan. Rajputs rulers were always engaged in fighting battles with other kingdoms. When Rajputs get defeated in battle then some other ruler take the command of state in his hands and again paintings changed. They designed according to new ruler choice which depicts success of ruler. Rulers love to carve battles scenes on walls which tell their success story. Even craft work also gets influenced according to the taste of ruler. Rajputs who are fighters from blood really love and praise work of art and craft.

They get more influenced with artistic skills after coming in contact with Mughals. Even Rajputs and Mughals have exchange their art and craft work. Rajputs skilled artistic have add beauty to the courts of Mughals.

Meenakari work of Jaipur is famous all over for its vibrant color and fine work. Two other regions which also produce same quality of work are Pratapgarh and Nathdwara.

Jewelery collection of Rajasthan is very rich depicting various unique designs of different area. Many of popular traditional variety and designs are bajuband, rakhri, gajra, jod, gokhru etc.

Rural area women wear lots of ornaments which are simple but are heavily crafted with lots of weight. They wear these ornaments with love and without any discomfort. Even tribal men wear earrings and chockers.

Bangles made up of ivory are considered to be very auspicious for Rajasthani women. Many paintings are carved out using ivory. Ivory made items are used as decorating items formed in different shapes.

Lac and Glass
A large variety of lac and glass bangles available in traditional markets of Rajasthan with very beautiful designs. Decorative items are also carved out.

Sandalwood and Wood
Wood carving items as handicrafts are widely available which are not so expensive.

Many statues of idols and religious related have carved out on stones. You will find in many cities of Rajasthan whole lane has been decorated using stone carvings. Many pillars are built through stone carvings. Other art and craft work are blue pottery, tie and dye, sanganeri hand block print, embroidery,paintings on cloth, terracotta sculptures , carpets, metal work of brass and wood are done in Rajasthan.

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