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A Wonderful Way to Explore India: India Tour Packages

Travel, explore and adventure has been one of the major interest of mankind. Through the ages, this Interest has brought many people from different countries to experience the vibrant cultures at the same place. Eventually, the diversity and abundance of resources kept them here and they ruled the country for years draining all its resources. Over the years the travel itineraries of the country has retained its uniqueness absorbing all the external influences making it more diverse and hence has remained a popular tourist attraction for people around the world.

In terms of tourism, the country is the zenith of the world. No country in the world is gifted with such wide diversity in terms of geographical location and climatic conditions. No wonder it is called the subcontinent from the coastal beaches in the south to the deserts in the west, the Himalayas in the north and the wetlands in eastern regions offers a complete tourist package to a person. Every state is different from other in terms of language culture, climate and food habits, it seems one is traveling different countries at the same time.

Starting from Jaipur well known as the pink city, the capital of Rajasthan you will be awestruck to see the rich culture and heritage. The beautiful palaces with intricate architecture are proof of their Royalty and the aristocracy of this place. Traveling through Rajasthan will bring you admiration for the art and culture here.

Apart from here, the trip offers a lot more in terms of caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the sun temple of Jagannath Puri, the ancient churches and the adventurous beaches of Goa, the Qutab Minar, Fatehpur  Sikri and Victoria memorial of Delhi and the star attraction being the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the World. Tajmahal is the emblem of Mughal romance and has become synonymous in the country.

With nature at its best, the travel itineraries include numerous hill stations like Mussoorie, Nainital, Kullu Manali, with the view of the snow covered peaks of Himalayas is heaven on earth. They offer natural healing to the tension and stress of the daily routine.

Additional allurement in the travel itinerary is the forest and wildlife with numerous bird sanctuaries like the Keoladeo, and Tiger reserves like the Ranthambore and Sariska. Also, the science and historic museums, technological parks, the temples of different states with different architecture, the heritage trains and hotel offer a whole range tourist package.

Along with these places, one should also explore a wide range of traditional and regional cuisines. As you travel the cuisines differ according to the climate, soil, occupation, and culture. Also heavily influenced by religion, these cuisines offer you exotic food treating your taste buds. There are also fusion cuisines which blend the taste of countries rich species and many other foreign cuisines including Hakka noodles, Manchurian, pizzas, and pasta. Food is incomplete without a dessert. While exploring the country, you will get to taste a very wide variety of dessert with an extensive range of ingredients depending on the culture, religion, and region. The main and favorite ingredient being the milk, sugar with a lot of nuts. Other popular desserts are Sandesh in West Bengal, Mysore Pak of the south, Jalebis of the north and the famous Gulab jamun available all over the country.

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