Heavy storms collapsed stone minarets of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a very popular tourist’s destination in India. It is located in Agra, one of the cities covered in popular Golden Triangle Tour with Rajasthan. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year. One of the recent Taj Mahal news has stated that heavy rain and storm has collapsed stone minarets of this beautiful monument. Darwaza-e-Rauza i.e. Taj Mahal’s entry gate had a metal pillar of 12-feet that collapsed when winds stroke with velocity of above 130 km/hr in the city.

As of now, there is no report of casualties due to the drop of this 12 feet pillar. Amongst the monument complex’s components including guest pavilion, mosque and mausoleum lays Darwaza-e-Rauza. This is the gate from which Taj Mahal’s first sight is seen. This is also known as Great Gate and is the entry to gardens representing Paradise characteristically.

For about 30 minutes, rain pounded cities of Uttar Pradesh including Agra, Mathura, Kanpur, Mainpuri, Farukkhabad, Kannauj and Etawah. In the district of Mathura, 3 ‘lives were also claimed by the heavy rains. The incident took place due to the collapse of one of their house’s tin roof.

Rain damped the harvest and wastage of big quantity of crop is also reported. As the result of strong winds, there were reports of power outages as well in the area. If you are on a trip to Agra or on a Golden Triangle Tour then you can explore Taj Mahal to witness this. As per the weatherman, the rains are the result of depression of low-pressure in certain parts of states.

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