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The people in India believe that there are four principal pilgrim centers namely, Badrinath, Janannath, Rameshwaram and Dwarka. It is also believed that it would bear fruit unless one bathes in the holy water of Pushkar. Padma Purana detailed describe the origin and importance of this lake. The main part of it says that Brahma the only Creator of the Universe was once scrutinizing the best suitable spot on earth to perform a Yajna. The lotus fell from his hand and rebounding struck the earth at three places within a area of 9 Kms. These three places started giving water out from land and the Creator called all these three as Pushkar (lotus) and distinguishing them as Kanishtha (younger), Madhya (central) and Jyeshtha (elder). According to the religious people there they believed that he performed the Yajna at Jyeshtha Pushkar from Kartik Shukla Ekadashi to Purnima. Devotees come in large number for taking bath in this holy water and clear all their sins. Bathing on the last day which is Purnima night (full moon night) confers special blessing.

A cattle fair is very famous all over the world. People assemble here for this occasion where animals like camels and horses are also bought and sold. In the recent years as it started growing an exclusive accommodation for Tourist is erected for their joyful visit. Camel race is also held and some other organized cultural programmes are held displaying them and making them familiar with the Rajasthani way of life and culture. Pushkar has 52 bathing Ghats and many temples, some big and small.

Sightseeing in Pushkar

Visit the below mentioned tourist places in this Pushkar:
  • Hot Air Ballooning in Pushkar

    Hot Air Ballooning in Pushkar

    The best time to visit Pushkar for Hot Air Ballooning is at the time of Pushkar Fair, when the weather is very pleasant. It has Ghats and Mela grounds bustling with amazing activities of both men and beast. Winter months also provide the most suitable conditions for hot Air ballooning, though ballooning is only offered between Septembers to March in India. The spectacular view of Pushkar fair can be taken when you are on the ride of hot air balloon. Bhati Tours will arrange Hot Air Ballooning at Pushkar Tourism for guests who have booked their India Tours through them.
  • Camel Safari

    Camel Safari

    Tourists come to explore the terrains of the Great Indian Thar Desert by using camels. The Aravalli’s are one of the world’s largest and oldest mountain ranges. Pushkar is surrounded by beautiful hills, sandy fields, and small dunes and offers a lot of opportunities for taking a glimpse of spectacular view of sunset and sunrise. The camel safaris in Pushkar Tourism will take you to destinations where you will come to small villages along the way and get familiar with village folk go about their life. During their crop harvesting it gives a great experience. Camel safaris can also be enjoyed at Bikaner and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.
  • Pushkar Lake

    Pushkar Lake

    The amazing lake in Pushkar is the greatest attraction for youths and tourists. There is a very interesting history behind it so the people who are more interested in it travel there to explore more. Water of this lake is holy and considered sacred like the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. Pushkar is the only place in the world where temple of Lord Brahma is there. Legend Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe when a lotus dropped from his hand into the valley and a lake emerged there at three places The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by many important Hindu temples. Pushkar Lake has .52 Ghats where pilgrims descend to the lake to bath in its holy water which is believed that it washes all the sins.
  • Brahma Temple

    Brahma Temple

    According to Indian mythology, lord Brahma is the creator of the universe and the Pushkar Lake is dedicated to him. It is believed that Brahma performed penance here for 60,000 years. Pushkar tour and travels have many temples on the banks. The most famous among all the Brahma Temple is not because of its amazing architecture or style but it’s all because of it is dedicated to Lord Brahma. It brings all the Hindu religious people to this place.
  • Savitri Temple

    Savitri Temple

    This is built high on the hill Ratnagiri which is the highest hill around the Pushkar Lake. It is devoted to Savitri who is the estranged wife of Lord Brahma. The temple houses a statue of the Goddess Savitri who was Brahmas first wife. She was greatly annoyed with Brahma who took Gayatri as his second wife to perform a Yagna. According to legend, she doomed him never will he be worshiped by anyone else. Later on both the wives resolved their differences and thought for boons for their husband. Women devotees believe that praying here will come true and worship for long life of their husbands.
  • Varaha Temple

    Varaha Temple

    The Varaha temple is the largest and the most attractive ancient temple at Pushkar. Varaha the Boar is believed as a third avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. Varaha rescued the earth from depths of the ancient water which was dragged down by demons. Currently the temple was under renovation by the Hada Rao Chatrasal of Bundi. The original temple and the Idol of the deities destroyed repeatedly by the armies of Ghazni, then after by Jehangir and Aurangzeb.
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