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Before stepping out of the house, the first and foremost priority is transportation for better security and for better time management. People usually plan vacations in advance and so they plan and book better Rajasthan Taxi Rental services for ease and convenience so that they can enjoy vacations in Rajasthan without any stress, and if you are looking for good Car Rental Service in India and especially in Rajasthan than one can wholly rely on car rental services offered by Bhati tours. We have a large collection of cars and coaches for rent in India. Thus, in order to reduce your stress of planning of transportation, we pass down you better transport facility at an affordable price.

Looking for Car Rental Providers in India? Then you are at the right place. Bhati Tours provides an array of cars and coaches on rental in India. When someone is leaving for a vacation they generally try to plan things in advance, so that they can enjoy their travel with ease and without any stress of what to do next. In the planning of a tour, conveyance is among the foremost thing one has to plan before stepping out of their home. To help you with these issues Bhati Tours provides easy solution with a variety of vehicles for hiring. We make travelling in India easy by rendering our services in different parts of India when it comes to travelling and Car Hire in India. If you are looking for good taxi Rental Service in India and especially in Rajasthan than one can wholly rely on car rental services offered by Bhati tours. If you have money constraints or you may select the Luxury Car Hire in Rajasthan if you want a ritzy feel for touring the royal land of Rajputs and if your whole family is accompanying you on the tour you may select our Coach Hire Services for unmatched comfort and entertainment. The Rental Cars are provided with well trained and experienced chauffeurs who are familiar with all the routes and latest navigation systems. To Book A Cab Online in India you can select the book now option or can directly contact us through phone or email.

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Are you a little money bounded and are in need of a comfortable and cozy ride. Then don’t worry because we have your back as we have our Cheap Car Rental Services of economy taxis that are highly fuel efficient and give great mileage at low cost. The Affordable Car Rentals are available in the form of different cars like Toyota Etios, Ford Fiesta, etc so that you have different choices to select from according to your requirements. All the vehicles in this category can easily accommodate 4 people and has adequate space for keeping luggage providing very relaxing rides. Booking cars for travelling in India with Bhati Tours is a very easy task to do. So, scan through the section and find out the economy car of your choice and click on the book now tab. And we will be providing you with a neat and well maintained car along with a professional chauffeur if you need. The different types of economy taxis in our fleet are-

The different types of economy cars in our fleet are-

Renault Logan-

The classy car from the French Multinational company, the Renault Logan is a perfect car for long trips in India. At Bhati Tours you may Hire Renault Logan in highly affordable rate and for both long and short distance trips. This car comes with ultimate features which assist in a safe drive and travel and also provides comfort to the passenger and driver like a premium car. The lush interiors makes the car look very attractive and the features like child locks, automatic climate control and remote controls makes the car suitable for family trips to the destinations in India. In the Economy Car Hire category this is one of the great cars for tours in India.


Tata indigo-
Tata is an old and trusted multinational automobile brand which is known for manufacturing the automobiles according to the needs of Indian people and Indian cities. Tata Indigo is a great family sedan that runs on low fuel making it very economical and has good enough space for stretching your legs.  It comes with all the basic safety features such as Seat belts and first aid box and has attractive interiors which are made up of fabric upholstery. Tata Indigo Car Rentals are well suited if you want to have a budget friendly comfortable ride in the Indian cities.


Toyota Etios-
Toyota Etios is another amazing addition to the list of Economy Car Rentals. This car is packed with all the features which are required for a smooth and comfortable travel experience. All standard safety features such as air quality control, comfortable seats with headrest with safety features such as airbags, seatbelt, anti-theft alarm and many more features that makes it very desirable Car For Hire in India. Adding to the list of its features is the powerful AC cooling system and the great sound system that are provided in most cars providing entertainment during the journeys. So, Toyota Etios Car Hire provides superior experience for India travel.


Swift Dzire-
The mid-sized sedan from Maruti Suzuki is Swift Dzire and as the name suggests, the car is counted amongst the most desirable cars of the decade. Swift Dzire is a five seater perfect family car which can easily be seen running on the Indian roads due to the fact that it is very fuel efficient and provides cozy rides in such low budget. Giving good mileage Swift Dzire makes a perfect choice for touring with friends and family in a limited budget. Hire a Swift Dzire directly from our website or you can also call us on the numbers provided in the contact details


Ford Fiesta-
Fiesta is a remarkable five seater model from Ford with several pleasing features which make this car an amazing model for experiencing perfect rides while exploring the incredible destinations of India. From cities like Mumbai to Goa you can enjoy the freshness and vibrancy of India with the Economy Car Rentals in India opting for cars like Ford Fiesta. This car is loaded with a variety of features like central locking, safety airbags, Anti lock braking system, armrest and rear and front impact beams which provide you great accessibility even at night also. Hire Rental Cars in Jaipur or in any other city of India with ease through our website.


Ambassador Car Rental-

The Ambassador Cars were the first highly commercialized cars in India. Its manufacturing began in 1958 and is still a classic vintage car of India. It can still be seen in the form of taxis in the eastern states of India due to its fuel efficiency and promising drives.  Bhati Tours brings the Ambassador Car Rental in India to give you a classic experience in this powerful car with a powerful engine. To Hire an Ambassador in India is very economical and if you are in India then you must experience a ride in this car. The power packed car from Hindustan Motors is available in AC and Non-AC variants and you can choose the variant according to your desire.


Luxury Car Rental:

We know that when on a vacation, the people are in need of some amusement and some comfort, taking this into account we have a fleet of premium or luxury cars available for Luxury Car Rentals in India. We at Bhati Tours have a numbers of luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi also. Those who live in luxury keep looking for it everywhere and those who don’t they definitely wish to experience it. To meet these requirements we have different luxurious cars with posh features and looks that will definitely make heads turn around. Hire Luxury Car for India travelling or you may also use the Luxury Car Rental Services for different purposes such as red carpet events or for giving a good impression to your clients in business. On reaching India for travelling you won’t be missing the comfort and coziness of your personal car as we have you covered with the fleet of Luxury cars for Hire that are also provided with well-trained chauffeurs.

Toyota  Camry:

The premium sedan from Japanese Automobile manufacturer Toyota has all it takes for a truly relaxing and enjoyable journey. Toyota Camry Car Rental provides latest safety features ensuring your safety throughout the ride. Camry is loaded with features such as traction control, touch screen input, anti-lock braking system with brake assist which ensures safe drive and the interiors of the car are packed with features like individual AC vents for rear seats also, reading lamps, trunk light, automatic climate control with soft and snug interior upholstery works. Hence, it is a superb choice for Luxury Car Hire in Jaipur like cities that provide untroubled drive on the roads.

Toyota Corolla:

Corolla is yet another extraordinary addition in the list of Luxury Cars For Hire which is manufactured by Toyota. This car has a seating capacity of five individuals including the driver and is supplemented with excellent premium features such as safety airbags, automatic climate control, air quality control, brake assist, etc for a perfect and tension free ride. Hire Toyota Corolla to experience India in style. You can either Hire Car for Self Drive or can hire it with an experienced and well-behaved chauffeur provided by Bhati Tours who will drive you to the destinations of your choice and will always have an ear for your requirements.

Honda Accord:

Loaded with different plush features Honda Accord Car Rental is one of the most favored cars in the Luxury Car Rental section. Honda Accord is a five seater full sized sedan that is available in different variants. It is loaded with features like Child safety lock, brake assist, cruise control, electronic safety program and all these make this car perfect for family outings and expeditions when you have kids with you. Not to forget that this car has superior looks and travelling in this car makes you stand out from the crowd. Do call us or contact us for Honda Accord Hiring in India for both local and intercity transportations for any purpose.

Honda City:

Hire Honda City for touring the destinations of India in Luxury. Another luxury car from Honda, the Honda City is a sedan that can easily accommodate 5 people and has a number of cool specifications which makes it a must ride car. Honda City has absolutely attractive looks at the exterior and laudable interiors that are very finely designed. It comes with minor safety features to major features that ensures the safety of the passenger travelling in the car and with that it gives the feel of luxury making in the list of Luxury Cars For Hire in India by Bhati Tours.

Mercedes C/ E Class:

The name of the brand Mercedes itself signifies luxury and we have Mercedes Benz C Class and E Class in the Luxury Car Rentals India. The Mercedes C-Class is the smallest luxury family car that is modeled and produced by Daimler AG. The C-Class of Mercedes is a four wheel drive and is a facelift version of the Sports coupé. Along with this Bhati Tours also have Mercedes E-Class Rentals available in India. The E-Class or economy class has made it to the list of the best selling Mercedes cars in the world and is also available in diesel and hybrid versions. Providing you with utmost comfort and safety Mercedes car additions are valuable additions to the list.

BMW 7 Series:

The full sized sedan from the luxury brand BMW is added to the list to meet the diverse requirements of our clients who want smooth and stylish companion to explore this diverse country. The BMW 7 Series  car have unique features like Voice control, parking sensors, touch screen input, anti-lock braking system, traction control, crash sensors any various other features that makes it very easy to operate this car. BMW Car Rentals in India is provided by Bhati Tours at highly competitive price and allows the passengers a memorable ride in any season. It accommodates five people and has ample space for keeping luggage.

Audi A4:

Audi A4 is a compact executive sedan from the automobile manufacturing giant Audi. The car is available in both diesel and petrol variants and has also been awarded for car safety for passing the crash tests and European safety standards. This means that the car ensure total safety of the passengers which can be accommodated five in number. Audi A4 is one of the most popular cars in the Luxury Rental Cars list of Bhati Tours.

SUV / MUV Car Rental:

Coming to India for some real life fun and adventure and you need a vehicle that is capable of withstanding all your adventurous spirits then look for nothing other than the omnipotent SUVs and MUVs. These vehicles are exceptionally strong and give excellent performance every time. The SUV’s and MUV’s are designed to withstand all kinds of climates and roads and while travelling in one of these there are the least chances of any kind of breakdowns, no matter what kind of road you are testing it upon, rocky or no road at all. To meet the needs of the adventure seekers Bhati Tours provides SUV Car Rental Services and MUV Car Rental Services in India at competitive prices from different brands of cars. All these have been duly tested and are known for their promising performance on the roads of India. The names include Renault Duster, Toyota Fortuner, etc. Hiring SUVs in India has been made very easy by us; all you need to do is call us or simple click to book.

Toyota Innova-

One of the most popular MUVs in India, Toyota Innova is a heavy duty vehicle from Toyota which provides extremely smooth drive and can accommodate 7 people. This MUV has a 6-speed automatic transmission which quick speed boost that provides an effortless drive. The central locking system, individual seatbelts and airbags ensure safety of passengers and front impact beam, remote trunk and rear opening system enables the comfort of the drivers. You can Hire Toyota Innova for comfortable trips to any type of roads and terrains as it can withstand running on hilly areas and has been tested for this.


Mahindra Scorpio-

Here is the bold and muscular Mahindra Scorpio, one of the highest selling SUV of India. Mahindra Scorpio has a great built and is a very fuel efficient vehicle. The strong body gives it strength to withstand adverse roads and climates. It is highly recommended for SUV / MUV Car Rental in India as it offers first class service and ensures totally protected journey to the clients. It can accommodate 7 to 9 people and has powerful steering and crash sensor. Mahindra Scorpio Hire is a great option when it comes to riding the rough terrains of hilly areas of India like Leh & Ladakh.


Mahindra XUV 500-

This is another popular SUV Car from Mahindra, the XUV 500 is highly admired for its bold looks, amazingly premium interiors and its strength that promises safe and sound journeys. With ample leg space and luggage space, Hire Mahindra XUV 500 that gives an impressive drive with high ground clearance that protects it from damage while being driven on the roughest roads of India. The drive has extra privilege to have a 6 way adjustable seating for extra comfort and headrest is provided on all the seats that are designed to provide extra comfort while rough drives. To Hire SUV in India click on the book now tab provided on the page.


Renault Duster-

The fabulous addition to the list by Renault, Duster is a very fuel efficient MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) that has absolutely eye catching exteriors and awe-inspiring interiors that are as comfortable as they look. The car has a capacity of accommodating 5 persons at a time and has a strong body that promises safety of the ones sitting inside the car. The car has looks that are extremely plush and impressive features to add to its specifications, so, if you are in need of a vehicle with grand looks, fuel efficiency and strength then opt for the Renault Duster Hire in India and experience this country from every angle exploring the beauty of some less visited places.

Toyota Fortuner

This is probably the most exhilarating SUV is the whole list of SUV/MUV Car Rentals. Toyota Fortuner fulfills the purpose of a perfect car when it comes to travelling the high altitude hill stations of India. Toyota Fortuner is the best when it comes to travelling on the roughest roads in India, it has high ground clearance and the hunky looks of this SUV with comfortable and plush interiors make it one of the best choices for SUV Car Hire in India. Whether you are travelling with friends, family or colleagues, there could be nothing better than this one. Toyota Fortuner Hire will ensure a memorable and enjoyable journey for your whole group.


Coaches Rental

When you are traveling in with a group of 8 to 12 people and need a good vehicle to travel which is comfortable as well as suited to ride any kind of road, then Coach Rentals are the perfect choice for you. The Coaches are like maxi vans or mini buses which can accommodate up to 12 people and are packed with very useful features such as Air conditioner, seatbelts, good luggage space, enough leg space and high ground clearance to ensure safety of the vehicle and passengers during the journey. With Bhati Tours one can easily Hire Coaches in India for short and long trips as we offer the services of Booking Coaches Online. The coaches that we provide are Tempo Travellers For Hire and Tata Winger Rentals. The coaches are ideal for picnics, excursions and transfers. Bhati Tours takes total care of your requirements and hence we also provide expert drivers who are capable to driving these vehicles smoothly. The Coaches are also maintained in a neat and clean manner so that you feel very comfortable travelling in these coaches.

Tempo Traveller (9 Seater & 12 Seater)- 

The powerful coach with 2600 cc engine is available for hire in the cities of India. The Tempo Traveller Coach Rentals are appropriate for group expedition tours. These coaches are available in AC and Non-AC variants and can be chosen according to requirement. It is equipped with First aid box and ample luggage space for the travelers. Tempo Traveller Rentals are inexpensive as compared to cars and are apposite for long and short tours. The seating arrangement of the coaches provides with adequate space to walk and stretch legs and high ground clearance makes travelling in rough areas very easy and comfortable.


Tata Winger-
Automobile giant Tata Motors is a multinational company with Indian origin, Tata has been known for manufacturing promising vehicles meeting the requirements of India and Winger is another amazing Maxi van from Tata. Although the looks are average the performance of this vehicle is exceptional. Available as both air conditioned and non-air conditioned, it has a capacity of seating 12 passengers and a driver seat in front. The heighted seats let the passengers sit with ease even during rides in villages, towns and cities. Hire Tata Winger in India as this coach is ideal for picnics, staff transportations and excursions.


Bus / Volvo / Luxury Coaches Hire

These days only backpacking is not the option to have fun and explore, but people prefer to travel in large groups also as it is safer, convenient, inexpensive and more enjoyable and entertaining. And travelling in large group means large vehicles and to meet your requirements we have a range of Rental Bus and Coach, there are different alternatives for you to choose from depending on the number of people in the group and your budget. Imagine yourself travelling to an exotic destination listening to your favorite music, reading your favorite book and cuddles up in your cozy seat with exquisite views from the windows. Yes, it is possible with the Luxury Coach Hires where you can also have Volvo with Washroom on Rent in India that is perfectly suited for long journeys in least time. The clean and well maintained buses we provide in Buses on Rent are provided with professional drivers. It is very easy to Book Volvo / Coaches Online and if you want to book one then we are just a click’s distance away from you.


18 Seater AC Coach-

The premium 18 seater Coaches For Hire are available in the Coaches Hire by Bhati Tours are very affordable. This coach can easily accommodate 18 passengers and has powerful air conditioning with push back reclining seats that enable comfortable seating. The coach interiors are attractive and it also comes with music system or entertainment unit for making the trips even more enjoyable.


27 Seater Deluxe Coach-

Very suitable for Indian roads, these deluxe coaches are very comfortable even on rough roads. The high ground clearance is specially designed for effortless drive in the hilly areas. The coach accommodates 27 passengers and the driver with a separate seat. It also has air conditioner and entertainment unit for making the group journeys more fun and happening. To Hire 27 seater Deluxe Coach all you need to do is contact us through calling on the given number or directly book online here by clicking book now option.

35 Seater AC Coach-

As mentioned the coach can easily accommodate 35 passengers on the comfortable push back reclining seats, it also provides adequate leg space for you to stretch your legs for an untiring journey. If you need a coach for picnic, excursion or touring a city or town, Online Booking of 35 Seater AC Coaches is the best thing you can do in advance for a promising and memorable journey. Powerful air conditioning, mobile charging socket, first aid box, music and PA system and ample space for luggage are the excellent features of this coach. Hire Coaches in India in affordable prices online on our website.


41 Seater Semi Volvo Coach-

Hire 41 Seater Semi Volvo Coaches Online for a smooth and hassle free ride. The 41 seater Semi Volvo coaches are suitable for a group of 41 people or less and as larger group mean so much of luggage, you don’t need to worry much about it, as there is enough space for luggage in the coach. This Semi Volvo Coach On Rent is packed with features that are likely to keep you away from any kind of emergencies as it has proper safety equipments and comfortable seating for night travel too. These coaches are highly preferable for excursions tours due to the GPS navigation systems provided to help the driver.


45 Seater Semi Volvo Coach-

It can accommodate 45 passengers and has 2 extra seats for the driver and his helper. The other features includes first aid box, fire extinguisher, adequate luggage space and good arrangement of seats to allow easy access to all the seats in the coach which is accompanied by a good quality music system that lets you travel with fun and entertainment. All these features make this coach extremely suitable for long and short trips. Hire Coaches in India with easy to book system that is online.


38 Seater Volvo With Washroom-

Book 38 Seater Volvo Coach with Washroom online as that is a highly recommended coach for long travels in India. Bhati Tours provides Coach Hire Service in India no matter which specific state you are travelling in we will provide you with the coach as per your requirement. The exceptional quality of this type of coach is its washroom which has a seat and wash basin that helps in travelling long distances without making much frequent stops. Hire Coach for a relaxing journey where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of India rather than worrying about the drive and safety.

45 Seater Luxury Volvo- With features like excellent shock absorbing quality and low interior noise, the 45 seater Luxury Volvo Hire in India can be one of the most luxurious and stress free way of travelling in India. Be it a large family or group of families, staff or college students, this coach can easily accommodate 45 persons. The other admirable features of this Luxury Volvo Coach For Hire India includes leather upholstery interiors, premium quality stereo with surround sound, heated front seats and tri zone automatic climate control system that lets you travel in all seasons.

41 Seater Mercedes Benz Coach With Washroom-

While travelling overnight or on long trips the most problematic issue comes up with the washrooms which are generally not available in most of the Volvo Buses, but the Bus Hire Services in India from Bhati Tours enables you to hire the best in the list that is the 41 Seater Mercedes Benz is a vehicle from the reputed luxury brand and the name itself ensures that the vehicle is very strong and the analogue body provides utmost safety. The availability of washroom decreases the travel time by reducing the number of unnecessary stops of the bus for washrooms.

45 Seater Mercedes Benz-

Another Luxury Bus For Hire from Mercedes is the 45 seater Mercedes Benz coach that is monologue body made from a single metal sheet to ensure full safety of the passengers which can accommodate 45 in number in this type of coach. You can Hire 45 Seater Mercedes Benz or Luxury Coach Hire from Bhati Tours website. The posh interiors and all latest amenities provided inside the coach facilitate very luxurious feel while travelling and an enjoyable journey with the whole group.

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Renault Logan

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