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Are you planning for a group tour to India? How about including Rajasthan tour in your calendar? Given below is an information about Jaisalmer by Bhati Tours- the most reliable travel operator with 100% positive reviews by TripAdvisor. Let’s have a look at beautiful past about Jaisalmer and even read about Jaipur tours as that makes your trip a memorable experience.

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Rajasthan is a collection of all majestic fort, beautiful lakes, and deserts and being part of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer also plays a great role in making Rajasthan a beautiful land. Like any other city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer itself got its own glorious past.

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About founder:

Rawal Jaisal is a Bhatti Rajput who laid the foundation of this city Jaisalmer in 1156 AD. Previously Trikuta hill was chosen for the site of new city. Rawal Jaisal forsaken his old fort at Ladurva and established this new capital. The Bhati Rajputs relative Ranjeet Singh Bhati was feudal chief who commanded off forced levy on the caravans that crossed their empire en-route to Delhi or Sind. These caravans were loaded with precious cargo of spices and silk which brought great wealth to this town. Jaisalmer is a remote location so for many years remained untouched by British. The Rulers of Jaisalmer signed the last treaty with the British.

Jaisalmer is a glory of faded when sea trade replaced the old land routes. There are many good qualities of this city still left which glows it up and attracts tourist. The narrow streets in the walled city preserve a traditional way of life the craftsmen of weaving and stone carving, the making of antique silver jewellery and embroideries and camel ride. The leisure is for a walk through city Jaisalmer savoring the glory of the old Rajasthan which is very splendid rewarding travel experience. Winter is the perfect time for Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer Desert Festival is quite famous and celebrated in January/February is a must on any itinerary. The deserts seem to blooms in thousand colours. There are camel races, folk dances, Craft bazaars and traditional ballad singing and a light sound show which is spectacle on the sand-dunes of Sam on the day of full moon night.

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer

Visit the below mentioned tourist places in this Jaisalmer:
  • The Fort

    The Fort

    The golden honed Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar kella can be seen from several miles way before reaching the town. The Fort ascends 30 meters over the city and houses an entire living area within its huge ramparts which increases the view from the fort. Leisure is for walking through the narrow lanes which gives an amazing experience worth savoring. It is approached through Suraj Pol, Bhoota Pol, Ganesh Pol & Java Pol. There are many beautiful haveli’s within the fort and a group of Jain Temples dating from 12th to the 15th Centuries.
  • Manak Chowk And Haveli

    Manak Chowk And Haveli

    The exterior of this fort is a main market place called Manak Chowk which is the centre of local activity. The leisure can be spend by taking walk through the street on Manak chowk and can lead to famous carved Haveli’s. Each Haveli’s archeological style is different and attractive.
  • Gadisar Lake

    Gadisar Lake

    This is a rain water lake formed from rain. But now it’s a picnic spot which is best for boating and it gives a great experience. On the banks of this lake there are many holy places and you can see many species of birds.
  • Tazia Tower

    Tazia Tower

    The Tazia Tower rises from BADAL Mahal which is a pagoda. Tazias are ornately decorated by bamboo, crafts, paper and tinsel replicas of a bier carried in process during Mohurram by the Muslims.
  • Havelis


    Jaisalmer is famed for its complicated detailed haveli’s which is latticed and can be viewed from conspicuous facades.
  • Nathmalji Ki Haveli

    Nathmalji Ki Haveli

    This is the example of true beauty shown by two brothers in the 19th century; the complex huge architecture in stone is the personification of skill and beauty. The miniature Painting adorn the interior walls and seeks attention quickly.
  • Patwon Ki Haveli

    Patwon Ki Haveli

    This is the example of true beauty shown by two brothers in the 19th century; the complex huge architecture in stone is the personification of skill and beauty. The miniature Painting adorn the interior walls and seeks attention quickly.
  • Salim Singh Ki Haveli

    Salim Singh Ki Haveli

    It is different from other haveli as it has a blue cupola roof. The haveli is covered with yellow stones with intricate carving which make it more beautiful. It has an elaborate projecting balcony adorning the top storey.
  • Jain Temples

    Jain Temples

    It is within the fort complex. It integrates the beauty of fort and each Jain temple is dedicated to different god like Rishabdev, Sambhavnath & Parswanath the Jain Thirthankars.
  • Gyan Bhandar or Library

    Gyan Bhandar or Library

    It was established as a part of Jain temples which gives peace and later on it is converted to library which contains some of the oldest manuscripts found in India.
  • Ludruva


    It is 16 Kms away from the ancient capital of Jaisalmer. This is an important centre of Jain pilgrimage. ‘Toran’ or the ornate arch at the main entrance of the Jain temple make its entry look rich and cheer’s up the religious people.
  • Wood Fossil Park- Akal

    Wood Fossil Park- Akal

    The fossils at the park are around 180 million years old. It is attractive for all age groups as carbon dating is done and then found out as how much year old it is. Timings: 8 am to 6.00 pm.
  • Sam Sand Dunes

    Sam Sand Dunes

    It is very famous sand dunes and is 42 Km from Jaisalmer. The magic of the golden Sam Sand Dunes encourages the tourists to ride by the dunes on camel back to get a good feel of the desert.
  • Desert National Park

    Desert National Park

    The desert national Park is 45 kms from Jaisalmer. The rolling landscape of sand dunes and scrub covered hills gives you a spectacular panoramic view. There are different varieties of wildlife found which include blackbuck and some great Indian Deer, bustard, chinkara, desert fox etc.
  • Amar Sagar

    Amar Sagar

    It is very near to Jaisalmer. This is an amazing place where besides lake there are mango and other fruit trees. Delicately carved Jain Temples enhance a great aura to this place.
  • Mool Sagar

    Mool Sagar

    Mool Sagar is quite famous near Jaisalmer. Because of miracle in summer this place is cool, shady grove which belonged to the former rulers of Jaisalmer and attracts the tourist by its natural beauty.
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