Come and Celebrate Holi festival of colors 2018 with Jaipur Tour

What is the festival of colors?

Holi Festival of colors 2018

Holi festival of colors is celebrated every year to welcome the spring season. This holi festival is seen as triumph over evil of good. Holi is vibrant festival of beautiful colors which spreads happiness all over just like rainbow. On Holi, people used to apply different natural colors on family and friends. On the day of Dulhandi or Holi everyone enjoys on the beat of music with sparkling colors like pink, red, green or blue. According to Hindu calendar it is celebrated on first day of chaitra. Festival of Holi gives message of love and happiness. Social distinction is also forgot on this colorful festival.

History of Holi Festival:

In ancient times it is believed that there was a king named Hiranyakashipu who don’t believe on gods and no one in his kingdom has permission to pray. His own son Prahalad was very spiritual who had great faith in Lord Vishnu and this is not liked by Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu wanted to kill his own son and that’s why he made a plan in which he instructed her sister Holika to sit on a pyre with Prahalad in her lap. Holika got burnt in that pyre and Prahalad remained safe. This is the reason that the festival is named as Holi and a day prior to Holi in night Holika dahan takes place.

History of Holi Festival

Another story is associated with Lord Krishna who used to do Raslila with village girls and this Holi festival of colors become so colorful.

Holi 2018 Date in India

This year Holi festival will be celebrated on Friday, 2nd March. This festival generally comes in the month of February or March every year. It is a 2 day festival where 1st day is celebrated as Holiha Dahan and the 2nd is known for the Dulahandi.

Holi celebration in Jaipur

Similar to other states, Holi will be celebrated in Jaipur on 2nd March 2018 with great joy and enthusiasm as it is the most awaited festival of the country. In whole country various arrangements are done so that Holi can be enjoyed. If we talk about Holi celebration in Jaipur then, Jaipur is paradise for festival celebration . Festival of colors is celebrated here with full zeal. People on this day become mad in joy. Holi is played with friends and family with colors, waters and powder. Gulal is very famous color of Holi. Many people makes Holi color with natural flowers. Rajasthan government makes special arrangements for the tourists so that they can enjoy this wonderful and cherish it memories lifelong. People dance on music beats while playing Holi. Drinking bhang is considered very auspicious on this day as Bhang is Lord Shiv Ji Prasad.

Holi celebration in Jaipur

People of all age group enthusiastically play Holi. For tourists Holi fest is organized. On Khasa Kothi lawn arrangements for playing Holi are made with dry colors and on loud music beats of drum they can dance. Various cultural programmes held there on Holi evening which showcases state tradition.

Festival is celebrated in full mood just like trees in spring season are colorful. Level of happiness should be on a height on this day. Even most of the best travel agents like Bhati Tours is providing the Holi Festival Tour packages for the foreigners and Indians who want to explore the traditions and culture during this Holi Festival.

So, come and enjoy the festival during Jaipur Tour and holi festival India tours.

Holi Special Dishes

Holi Special Dishes

Special Holi dishes are Gunji, Bangh,and Malpuas which adds flavor in festival of colors.

Tour operators design various tours for Holi like Holi festival tour so that tourist get chance to witness the Holi festival of colors.

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