Top 5 tourist destinations in India for tourists from Europe

India is a very popular tourist destination that has several attractions to delight the travellers. There are so many places in this wonderful country where tourists can enjoy memorable trip. It is not possible to cover all the wonderful places in India in one tour. There are so many places that a single visit cannot cover them all. Some places are there that serve to be all time favorite and are must visit. We are here with the top 5 tourists’ destinations in India for tourists from Europe.


This is the destination that is most sought after by the tourists visiting India. The magnificent palaces, forts, assorted flora and fauna, desert landscapes and vibrant fairs and festivals are the reasons why this place is counted among the favorite destinations in India. There are several places in Rajasthan that the tourists can visit while enjoying Rajasthan Tour for getting lifetime experience such as Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Pushar, Udaipur etc.


This is the site that is counted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India and serves as one of the major attractions for tourists. The section of Amer fort known as Sheesh Mahal is widely famous among tourists. Mirrors of concave shape embellish the ceilings and walls of Sheesh Mahal in the pattern of inlay work. This is one of the striking art pieces that require great workmanship and skill to be created. Tourists from several places like France, Spain, Italy etc. receive lifetime memories with a visit to this place.

Golden Triangle:

Golden Triangle tour with Rajasthan is a complete tour in itself. Golden Triangle Tour packages are selected by thousands of tourists every year. This tour package covers three famous places of India: Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. There are several spots such as Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Red Fort etc. at these places that attract number of tourists.


This is another most visited and highly popular destination in Rajasthan. One can enjoy awe-inspiring view of pink city from Nahargarh fort. The strong defense of Nahargarh fort has made it widely famous. This fort is connected to Jaigarh fort via an extended wall.

Hawa Mahal:

This monument is pride of Jaipur and attracts thousands of visitors from places all round the world such as France, Spain, Italy etc. This is also popular with the name Palace of the Winds. The architectural wonder of Hawa Mahal attracts several people towards this wonderful monument.

These are the most anticipated and top 5 tourist destinations in India for tourists from Europe. They can enjoy visit to these wonderful with the reliable services of leading tour and travel agency, Bhati Tours where dedicated team members assure for a memorable trip.