Top 10 tourist places near Jaipur [Infographic]

Jaipur is one among the top 5 tourist cities in India. It is not only famous for the tourist places in the city but for the nearby sightseeing places too.

Here we have mentioned some tourist places near Jaipur where most of the visitors come to explore them using our car rental services. If you are also planning for the Jaipur Tour then, must visit these nearby places too to add more fun in your trip.

Samode Palace

Attractions – Mirror work and paintings

Location– 42 km from Jaipur


Attractions – India’s largest saline lake and wildlife sanctuary

Location – 65 km from Jaipur


Attractions – Harshat Mata Temple and Chand Baori

Location– 95 km from Jaipur

Sariska National Park

Attractions – Bird Watching and Tiger Safaris

Location– 107 km from Jaipur

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Attractions – Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin

Location– 130 km from Jaipur

Ranthambore National Park

Attractions – Wildlife and Fort

Location– 140 km from Jaipur

Bhangarh Fort (Haunted places in India)

Attractions – Fort

Location– 140 km from Jaipur

Neemrana Fort

Attractions – Neemrana Fort Palace and beautiful gardens

Location– 145 km from Jaipur


Attractions – Brahma Temple and Savitri Mata Temple

Location– 145 km from Jaipur

Taj Mahal

Attractions – Memorial of Love

Location– 250 km from Jaipur