Heritage Hotels: Special Part Of Rajasthan Tour Packages

If you are travelling to India, choose one of the Rajasthan tour packages offered by bhatitours.com. This Indian state is well-known all over the world for its grand palaces, majestic forts, and gardens. The grand structures from the glorious past are must-see tourist attractions. Over the years, many of these palaces and forts have been transformed into heritage hotels, enabling tourists to get an idea as to how Indian royalty used to live.

When you book one of the Rajasthan tour packages with bhatitours.com, you get an opportunity to experience the old world charm in these palace hotels. The royalty have chosen to open up their palaces, summer residences, and hunting camps because it is very expensive for them to restore and maintain and live with all those that share the stories of the glorious past.

In a way, the royalty have given up high-living and their own eccentric cities and have decided to promote sustainable tourism so as to ensure that the artistic heritage remains intact and contribute to the development of the community.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is in Rajasthan, a state in the north-west region of India. This Palace ranks sixth among the largest private residences around the world. A portion of this fort, made of sandstone, located in Jodhpur has been converted into a luxury hotel by the prestigious Indian hotels chain, the Taj Hotels. The hotel that features a style referred to as’art deco’ is surrounded by ten acres of gardens. It also features an underground pool as well as a royal family museum. Check out bhatitours.com Rajasthan Tour Packages to book accommodation in Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Another property of the Jodhpur Maharaja, Ahhichatragarh Fort(also known as Nagaur Fort), which has been converted into a luxury hotel has been included by bhatitours.com in one of their Rajasthan tour packages. It took Hotel Ranvas Nagaur 20 years to restore the ambience that served to provide refuge to the women belonging to the royal families. As it is the right time to plan your Rajasthan Tours in winters to give you feel of cool Hill stations.

The hotel has 27 rooms across ten ‘havelis,’ which are traditional structures with own porticoes courtyard. Guests can also book Royal Tents, a collection of luxurious tents, available within the fortress. You can enjoy sunset, and chase antelopes and gazelles in jeeps.

Some of the best Rajasthan luxury hotels are in the capital city Jaipur (Pink City). Sukhman Rajmahal and Rambagh Palaces have hosted world dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Iran’s Shah. These hotels give you an experience of hospitality of the erstwhile Maharajas. The hotels also organize pool parties, music concerts, outdoor dinners and safaris. This is to give you the feeling that you are a guest of a Maharaja. If you want to experience the lifestyle of the traditional Royal families, plan your Rajasthan tour with bhatitours.com right away.

The luxurious resort Rawla Narlaiis the best option to enjoy the tourist attractions in between Udaipur and Jodhpur. If your goal is to have a lot of fun in Rajasthan, choose one of the Rajasthan tour packages of bhatitours.com which includes Rawla Narlai Resort.