Enjoy the Golden Triangle India tour with Holi Festival of Colors

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Holi is a festivals of color which is celebrated in Phalguna month when full moon day is there. It is a festival which is celebrated with full joy and happiness. People used to through colors, waters and balloons on each other. Music is played very loud. There is deep meaning behind celebrating Holi just like all festivals celebrated because of a reason. Holi signifies victory over all evils. Story of Holi is associated with King Hiranyakashipu. This is the reason that most of the foreign tourists come here on holi festival tour in India to enjoy this occasion. The tourists who want to enjoy the festival of colors can avail Golden Triangle India Tour offered by Bhati Tours.

Best place for Holi festival

Holi is celebrated with full charm in the whole country but there are some places which are very famous for its Holi celebration. Cities who’s Holi is very famous are Jaipur and Agra. Tourist comes to India nearby Holi festival so that they can become part of this beautiful festival of colors and can cherish it throughout the life. People choose Golden Triangle India Tour for celebrating Holi in cities of golden triangle tour.

Holi celebration in Jaipur

People who visit Jaipur Tours, celebrate festival of colors with great zeal and happiness. Houses are decorated with rangolis and traditional mandana. Many traditional dishes and sweets like Gunjiya and Papadi are prepared. Local markets are decorated with Holi colors. Many fairs in the city are organized so that tourist can become part of this lovely festival. Various arrangements with decorations are done for this festival like water colors, Pichkaris and balloons all they will find in these fairs. So come and explore Jaipur city during holi festival and live these moments for life long. Proper arrangements are done by government for the tourists during this festival. Enjoy this best place for the holi festival tour in March.

Holi in Agra

Holi of Agra is very famous all over the world. People get confused to choose which place of Golden Triangle India Tour. Holi in Agra is played by herbal colors and colors made from natural flowers. Government makes special arrangements for the tourists so that tourists can enjoy this holi festival of colors with full joy and enthusiasm. If you want to make Holi more memorable you can play it in the premises of Taj Mahal.

Pushkar Holi festival

The best Holi is played in Pushkar. India is known for playing different kind of Holi in every region but Holi in Pushkar is very distinct one and popular all over the country. Holi is a festival which comes in spring season played by vibrant colors. Local people of Pushkar plays this festival with tourists with great zeal. They apply colors on each other faces with message of harmony and peace. Tourists try many dishes of region.

Holi Festival Tour of  India:

Various tours are organized during the time of Holi so that tourist can explore different cities with enjoying this colorful festival. It is like a bonanza of double dhamaka.

Holi festival tour package:

Various tour packages are designed for Holi so that you can witness Holi and beautiful heritage and architecture of India.

Holi festival India tours:

Experience the royalty of India with Holi festival India tours which offers various benefits to the tourist with this tour.

Golden triangle India Tour:

Holi is very famous part of Golden triangle Tour. Various cities of Golden triangle India tour like Jaipur and Agra are very famous for their celebrations of this festival of colors.