Amazing Unexplored Travel Destinations in Rajasthan

  1. Abhaneri City

Abhaneri is ninety five kilometers away from the Jaipur and is on Jaipur-Agra Highway. It is a small village famous for its old baori which is constructed thousand years ago with marvellous step wells and temple of Harshat Mata. The village got its name as Abha Nagri because it was believed that Goddess Harshat Mata spread her light or abha all over in the village and now it is called as Abhaneri.

  1. Deshnok City

On the Jodhpur Road in the south direction of Bikaner a small village Deshnok is situated which is thirty two kilometers away from Bikaner. Deshnok is famous for Karni Mata Temple It is believed that Karni Mata is personification of Goddess Durga who resided in 14th century and miracles happened here at that time.

  1. Jhalawar City

Jhalawar City is the province of Jhalas and city is constructed in 1838 AD after its separation from Kota done by Britishers. It is rich in diverse variety of fauna and flora. Many species of animals can be seen here. City can be explored by walking or horse safari.

  1. Kaurali City

Karauli is 182 kilometers away from Jaipur and built in 1348. This city is famous for temples of Lord Krishna and the fort which was built over different time period and is very old. Till 1950 royal family resides in this fort and later on monkeys and geese occupied it.

  1. Kheechan City

This is a very small village near Phalodi at a distance of five kms and 130 kms away from Jodhpur. Kurjan a rare species of birds comes here in the natural sanctuary of Kheechan from various countries like Mangolia, Poland,North and South Africa, South western Europe, Ukraine, Black Sea and Kazakhstan.

  1. Kishangarh City

Kishangarh is very near to Ajmer city and Kishan Singh Rathore was the founder of this city. This city is known for its miniatures paintings schools which were opened in 18th century. In these schools paintings classes were of shorter duration with fine art teaching. Now days Kishangarh is known for marble factories all over the world.

  1. Nathdwara City

Nathdwara is forty eight kilometers from Udaipur and is famous for its Lord Krishna Temple. Nathdwara means gateway offered to Lord. This world famous shrine of Vaishnavite was constructed in 17th century at that place which was taught by Lord only. Many legends say that the idol of Lord Krishna was shifted here from Vrindaban in order to protect it Mughal rulers.

  1. Pali City

Pali city got its name after the Paliwal Brahamins who found this area and inhabited it. Pali possess a high standard of civilization.This city is famous for its sweets all over the Rajsthan.

  1. Pilani City

Pilani city is a small village which is famous all over the country because of two reasons. First it is the home town of reputed family Birlas which are very big industrialist and second for Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS). This engineering college is counted in top engineering colleges of India.

  1. Pokran City

Pokran is a small town which became popular when it became site of Nuclear Power Plant of India. This place is situated on Jodhpur,Bikaner and Jaisalmer Road. Furniture and interior designing work of Pokran is very famous. It is a fort town which has no resemblance to the forts of Jodhpur,Bikaner or Jasialmer city styles.

  1. Sojat City

Sojat is near to the Pali town and is founded on the bank of River Sukri which was known as Tamravati various years ago. Sojat is famous for its temples like Sejal Mata temple, Chaturbhuj Temple and other temples. Fort of this city is famous for its reservoir.Muslim Dargah of Pir Mastan is also very famous. On the hillocks temple of Mata Chamunda is constructed.

  1. Tilonia City

Tilonia is a very small village in district of Ajmer. Barefoot College was founded by famous social worker MRr. Bunker Roy in this village. Many NGO’s offices are opened in this village. Another NGO which is an online educaton portal is opened in this village whose co-founder is Mr. Kartar Jat. Tilonia has turned into a destination of development of various other villages in terms of economic, education and social development. Navodaya Vidyalaya is in this village which gives many meritorious students to the state. There was a time when everyone in this village was engaged in farming but now the situation has changed. People of this village are now working in big companies.

  1. Tonk City

This city is very near to Jaipur just 96 kms away. This is a very peaceful town ruled by the Pathans of Afghanistan and their tribes. The main attraction of Tonk are Suneri Kothi which is also called as Golden Bungalow. This building looks ordinary from outer side but once you enter inside it you will find variety of ornamental interior designs.Other famous building is office of Britishers at the time of their rule.